1. Weighing Your Priorities Part III

    In our last two blogs, we’ve been exploring some of the most important priorities to consider when you begin your property search. Today, we’ll continue and finalize the series with one further variable: Room for expansion. We’ll also provide a quick tip to help you further weigh your priorities. Room for Expansion Are you in the market for a fixer-upper? Or are you looking for a home that c…Read More

  2. Weighing Your Priorities Part II

    Let’s continue our blog stream on priorities that you’ll have to weigh when you begin your property search with your realtor. In our last blog, we delved into your home location and its landscape - two variables that may well be the greatest priority when it comes to finding a home. Today, we’re going to look into two further variables: Square footage and cost. Square Footage & Programmi…Read More

  3. Weighing Your Priorities Part I

    When it comes to selecting the right home, you’ll have to weigh your priorities. What do you want, what do you desire, and what can you simply not live without? Honing in on the home of your dreams may be best accomplished by weighing your priorities. And that’s a complicated process. There are so many variables to consider when you start to browse the home market. That’s why we’ll be brea…Read More

  4. Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal Part II

    In our last blog, we discussed a few options you can employ to boost the value of your home. As your realtor here in Fort Lupton, Frederick, Brighton, and Firestone, CP Resources strives to aid our clients in getting the best home for their money. That’s why we love folks who go the extra mile to boost their curb appeal before placing their home on the market. And though we call it ‘curb appea…Read More

  5. Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Thinking about putting your home on the market? Here at CP Resources, we connect home buyers with home sellers, and we know how important first impressions can be when we’re introducing a buyer to a home that they may purchase. That’s why we’re talking about the most cost-effective ways you can boost the value of your home before you put it on the market: Plant a Tree If you have a landscape…Read More

  6. Buying Your First Home

    Looking for an experienced and reliable realtor in the Brighton, Colorado area? Look no further than Cornerstone Property Resources. Our realtors are the best in Brighton. We are experienced in helping you manage your property search. Let us help you find a property with the amenities that you are looking for, in the location you want, all at the right price. Buying your first home can be an overw…Read More

  7. Hang Up Your Landlord Hat and Still Get Paid

    Do you own rental real estate? Like most rental real estate owners, you want to reap the financial benefits of owning a rental property, but don’t necessarily love the idea of being a landlord, especially when you get a call at two AM saying that the electricity is out or the pipes are leaking. At Cornerstone Property Resources, we understand that owning multiple properties is a big investment a…Read More

  8. Considering Purchasing A Rental? Food For Thought

    As an entrepreneur, it is in our blood to always be looking for the next best opportunity to make money. Should I open my own business, start an online company, flip houses? These all have potential to be lucrative opportunities, but one option that has the potential to be both a great investment and money making opportunity is owning profitable rental properties. Cornerstone Property Resources ha…Read More